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Justin Vaisse, Neoconservatism. The Biography of a movement (Cambridge: HUP, 2010) - Companion website to the book

Members of Gene Rostow’s Task Force (1974-76)

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This is the original list of participants in the order they appear on the press release of 8 February 1974. Max M. Kampelman is added soon afterwards. Also check the second and third pages of the next document

Eugene RostowProfessor, Yale Law School. Former Undersecretary of State
George BallPartner, Lehman Brothers. Former Undersecretary of State
Henry FowlerPartner, Goldman Sachs. former Secretary of the Treasury
Ernest GreenBusiness Executive (New York)
Donald IrwinMayor, Norwalk, Connecticut
Jeane KirkpatrickProfessor of political science, Georgetown University
Norman PodhoretzEditor, Commentary
Lucian W. PyeProfessor of political science, MIT. Former advisor to the State Department and the NSC
Christopher EmmetVice President, American Council on Germany
John P. RocheProfessor of political science, Tufts University. Former special assistant to President LB Johnson
Richard PipesProfessor of Russian history, Harvard University
Paul SeaburyProfessor of political science, UC Berkeley. Former consultant for the State Department
Albert ShankerPresident, United Federation of Teachers, New York City. Vice president, American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO
J.C. TurnerVice President, International Union of Operating Engineers, AFL-CIO
Roy GodsonAssistant Professor of political science, Georgetown University

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